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Exclusive Green Wind and Solar Pinwheel


Exclusive from our engineering and architecture departments you can have this great addition to your property! Our exclusive mounting system will create an attractive way for you to add solar for all of your energy needs. Our Pinwheel will be delivered to your site with all components needed for you to install, less the hole, concrete and rebar. Installation is available, please email for quote for installation in your area. The unit provides power to (2) 110V AC receptacles at its base or can be wired directly to your incoming electrical line by a qualified electrician to offset your electric bills.


perfect for your pool, backyard, boat dock or any outdoor power needs

Need more power? add additional pinwheels

Our pinwheel kit can be yours for only $6,995.00 Price includes shipping to most of continental US. Some areas require up to an additional $500 in shipping cost.


Call or email us to get your order started today!


Current Incentives

Current Federal incentives: 30% direct grant or tax credit

50% first year system depreciation for Bushiness

20% first year system depreciation for Homes

Check for current Local and State incentives with the map on the right.

System Specifications

Rated Output: 896 watts DC, 690 watts AC

Panel specs: 4 Sharp 224 watt panels

Inverter specs: 4 AC Enphase Inverter 220V

Mount: Custom designed GWS mounting system

System Monitoring: included with the system is a monitoring module that when connected to the internet will allow you to check your production numbers from anywhere you have internet access.


This unit can be ordered with a L14 auxiliary generator connection for an additional $97.65 this will allow you to plug in your auxiliary generator into your home.

The Mounting system can be ordered with a galvanization for $175.00 for coastal areas


Buy 4 Pinwheel kits today and receive $2,000 off your Invoice!!

12 Free CFL Light bulbs with all Kits ordered!

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